Plastic Glazed Roofing Tile Making Machine

Plastic Glazed Roofing Tile Making Machine
Adopt PLC control and simple operation.
Adopt Electric-magnetic heater which can save 40% -60% electric power for customer.
All Electric Part (breaker/motor/relay /Inverter and so on) is Siemens/Schneider/Omron 
Material of screw and barrel: 38CrMoAlA, nitrogen quenched which the thickness layer 0.4-0.7mm; Hardness of screw barrel: >940 HV;
Comprehensive plasticizing element, ensure the plasticizing effects of materials

Product   width(mm) Product   thickness(mm) Extruder Max.   output(kg/h) Total   Length
880mm 2-4mm SJSZ-80/156   FSJ-45/28 390kg/h customizing
1040mm 2-4mm SJSZ-80/156   FSJ-50/28 420kg/h customizing


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