PVC Siding Panel Production Line

PVC Siding Panel Production Line


Siding panel applied in house , office building , villa , and wall protection . Due to it's top layer covered with PVC , ASA , and PMMA , it can be used in hot , cold dry or wet place , undergo a long time ultraviolet radiation and storm bad weather condition . This line can be equipped with different pattern rollers , easily changeable . Special designed calibration unit and good processing experience can make operation easy and extend it's life . Punching online , it's in a economical way . As per customer's requests , it also can be equipped with rolling machine , printer , coding machine and so on .
Line model Low speed line  High speed line
Model GYF400-SGS GYF400-SGS
Total power 42.3kw 52.8kw
Max.speed 8m/min 20m/min
Water cooling 5m³/h 8m³/h
Compressed air 0.6Mpa 0.6Mpa



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