UPVC water supply/drainage pipe extrusion line

Water supply/Drainage pipe extrusion line


PVC plastic pipe production line is mainly used for producing the plastic PVC pipes with various pipe diameters and wall thickness; the plastic pipes are used for the water supply and drainage of agriculture, the plumbing and drainage of construction, cable laying etc. The lines consists of the conical twin-screw extruder, pipe die head, vacuum calibrating tank, Haul-off unit, cutter, stack unit etc. the speed controller of extruder and haul-off unit is foreign DC Speed Regulator or AC inverter, The vacuum pump and the motor adopt the famous brand at home and abroad, The haul-off unit has two caterpillars, three caterpillars, four caterpillars, five caterpillars, six caterpillars, eight two caterpillars and so on. The cutter may be the saw blade cutting or the planet cutting, it is additionally equipped with automatically measuring meter. The advantage of the lines is the reliable performance and high production efficiency.

According to the requirement of the clients, our company can equip some components, then the line can produce the special installation for the manufacture of the ( U& PVC) Silencing Drain Pipe with Hollow Wall Inner Spiral-ribbing  and the PVC-U pipes with foaming core.
Spiral drain pipe UPVC has a series of advantage, Such as eliminating noise, improving flow, enhancing stiffness and simplifying installation, and widely used in construction drainage, particularly for residence construction
According to the requirement of the clients, select the double-pipe die head extrusion; it can save energy , reduce the cost of worker and material, increase the production efficiency, and reduce the area of the lines



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